Vintage Dress Shopping in Bangkok

Went to Bangkok on a whim again last weekend to get away and see my cousins. Since it also happened to be my birthday weekend, I thought I'd treat myself to some shopping.

Shopping in Bangkok can be both overwhelming and disappointing. While there are tons of cute little independent boutiques (Siam Center, MBK) and massive wholesale centers (Chatachuk Market), I find the clothes a little too girly for my expat taste... for example, a great dress in a fabulous cut/color might have a giant ruffle that grows out of it's backside (ugh). Or, the classic too-short-to-wear-to-anywhere-outside-of-a-club situation. And I'm barely 5 ft tall.

Anyway, I've learned my lesson and this time, I decided to stick with vintage in mind. I stumbled upon this hidden shop in Siam: Sugar & Cream, and found this amazing dress:

Shoes from Zara.

Shoes from Zara.

To be fair, I had about 3+ cups of coffee and was 4 hours deep in vintage browsing, but I think it was a good find for $80 USD. Definitely worth it vs. spending that on 15 trendy tops I would wear once and throw away. 

For more unique finds in Bangkok, check out the shops on this list from Lifestyle Asia. Happy shopping!