Hello again, New York City!

Hello again, New York City! I find myself back in my beloved city, NYC. In some ways, nothing has changed. Other days, it is like a foreign city. Places can be like that. You learn that it wasn't the city itself that shaped your experiences, but who you were as a person when you were there. Which is the core of my never-ending motivation to continue traveling, and to live abroad again someday. Through my travels I've met so many people who have been everywhere and seen everything: they too, knew this little secret. Being back, I know now.

I am inspired by one of my best friends today as a reminder than nothing is ever permanent. Moving can be the best thing for your soul. It will challenge you, or it will ground you, but either way: finding out what it will do will be the greatest learning experience of yourself.

As for being back, life is busy, as usual. But I'll have more to share soon.