Dior Couture 2012 Paris + Helen Yentus + Albert Camus

Have you seen Dior's Couture show from Paris?! If you haven't check it out here. What I love most about this collection is it's homage to true Christian Dior style: classic black and whites with hourglass 50's silhouettes. While everyone else is critizing the collection (poor Dior doesn't really stand a chance after the whole Galliano fiasco!), I really do think it was a beautiful way to bring back the classic Dior name. While thinking of the 40's and 50's, one of my favorite authors Camus came to mind. And of course, my favorite book covers designed by Helen Yentus. I love the simplicity in these, yet somehow they still manage to evoke the dark feeling of the novels. Put two and two together and here are another series of my book/fashion mash-ups.