Audi Fashion Festival 2011 Raoul

Does being chic exist in Singapore? Like that simple, 'I'm wearing a very simple dress but look fantastic' chic? Like that 'I don't need any jewelry or makeup to go along with it' chic? Ask me last week and I would have said heck no. But apparently, chic exists at Audi Fashion Festival 2011, specifically, at the Raoul show.

Side note rant: No, I didn't mean what the people attending the wore, because that was awful. Like ruffles and sparkles and stripper heels and pounds of powder foundation exploded in a tent. I meant, what the models more! Isn't that what fashion shows are about? Not these ridiculous before and after parties with ridiculous people dressed like dolls? ANYWAY.

Raoul is one homegrown Singaporean brand that I am ready to admit - I love. It's nice to see these distributors like FJ Benjamin actually designing, retailing and growing their own brand (not just taking up the work of other well known MNC's) and getting such world-wide recognition! Attending the Raoul show and seeing the show up close from the 2nd row was really an eye-opening experience: Chic-ness does in exist in Singapore!!!

Of the very clean and modern line, my favorite was definitely this pale purple dress (right). It was absolutely stunning!

So stunning I had to try and shap a shot at the finale:

Check out more photos of the show here, or shop Raoul's SS11 line here. (God I love you Shopbop!)