Hello Singapore!

I have arrived in Singapore and having a good 3 weeks to observe my new surroundings, I already have some great style/shopping topics I cannot wait to start blogging about in detail. Some intial thoughts: 1. Haji Lane: So far the best place for boutique/vintage/unique finds. Prices: Moderate.

2. Confirmed: Too hot to wear layers. This proposes big problems.

3. Also Confirmed: Too humid to wear skinny jeans. Even bigger problems.

4. Several Unfortunate Sightings Of: Clear Bra Straps. Stretch Tube Tops. I thought both were made illegal by now?

5. Size 35 Shoes at Zara: Was celebrating until I saw the sign that says, "For Asian Feet." Give me a break.

6. Home Product Stores: Almost non-existent. Any good ones, I mean. Please, someone challenge this statement!

7. Overrated: Food. Looks like I'll be fitting into my clothes after all.

Details, alternatives, favorite stores, pieces, shopping tips, etc. to follow. Thanks for reading. Off to another day of traveling back to Frankfurt, New York touching down in Seattle. Au revoir!