Dior, Interstellar, Space and Fashion


You have to admit, space has had a pretty awesome year: Nasa discovered 715 new planets, Phile landed on a comet and so much more. While space-inspired fashion has been around for years now, I felt this sudden feeling of it being everywhere this year! And on December 9th, Felicity Jones attended The Theory of Everything premier in Dior Autumn/Winter 2014 Couture that strangely resembles an astronaut suit. In a good way. Did anyone else keep thinking, Interstellar? While Anne Hathaway also had a great year and tons of red carpet wins, I couldn't help wishing she had worn something from this collection.

Here she is at the premiere, a couple photos of the Dior collection that was chalk full of astronaut-inspired fashion like that jumpsuit (!), Interstellar, and a great space themed editorial by Nick Scott from 2011.

Additional photo credits: Imbd, Style.com

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